Warmest Welcome, I am so grateful you’ve landed here. Our mission to bring you delicious drinks with benefits is personal to me. A few years ago, I started adding supplements to my morning coffee or tea because I was struggling with food due to some chronic health issues. This became the most effortless and enjoyable way to support my health. Organically, LAUDE (which means “to honor” your health) was born. I spent three years working with a Naturopathic Doctor formulating our SuperLattes so they taste good and make you feel good.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt from my journey, it’s that health is the biggest root in ones quality of life. Without it, life can feel unbearable and other parts of our world suffer. 44% of adults are diagnosed with chronic health issues and that can further contribute to additional physical and mental health issues like a snowball effect and yet 44% of adults struggle to afford essential health care they need. Our vision at LAUDE is to raise awareness on the importance of equitable health care and making it more widely accessible for all. 

My hope is LAUDE becomes a ritual you can effortlessly integrate into your life to honour you and support your health. Your health matters, your life matters and you deserve to be well enough to make the most of your days here on Earth.

Wishing you an abundance of health, peace and love always.


Founder Emma Glennon


*Disclaimer: LAUDE is not intended to be a food or meal replacement but supplementary to a wholesome diet. Speak with your doctor about the best plan for you.